Kids, teens and adults
Private trainings and classes! 

Many of our students have taken advantage of the benefits that come from adding private sessions to their practice. Our private training program can be additional to your regular karate trainings, or attended as separate trainings.

Type of sessions available:

We offer both Private  and Semi-Private trainings at our Karate School. We even offer virtual Private  and Semi-Private sessions. Our Semi-Private sessions at the school can be multiple students of the same family. Or two students of different households, while maintaining the social distancing measures.

Our Booking options:

These sessions can be purchased and booked in 30 minute or 60 minute time slots through our members app our platform. The private classes or trainings can be booked for students of all ages and belt ranks and kids under the age of 10 can be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Contact us for more information about the membership app (or web platform) and our schedule. 

Personalized sessions:

These classes can be attended in your usual karate uniform, or other gym attire. All equipment used at the karate school is cleaned regurlarly. The private sessions can be structured to improve specific basics, learn new fighting techniques or build strength! Here is some ideas below:


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Virtual and In-Dojo
Private Session


Super Charge your karate!

Private sessions can be used to practice and perfect a specific kata or technique needed for a belt test or competition. They can even be used to work on specific techniques that you want to focus on outside of the group classes.

Improve your physical ability

We have various equipment at our dojo that can be used to help you build strength, gain flexibility, or try new and exciting workouts! No two sessions will be the same.

Help to reach your goals

 Our instructors are experienced in building a training routine that suits your karate or general fitness goals. We help to motivate you and reach any short term or long term goal.

Enhance your fighting technique

These sessions can be used to broaden your overall fighting technique or learn new things. Our instructors are experienced in adapting various fighting techniques to the needs and goals of our students! 

maintain your  motivation

Private sessions are a great way to revamp your motivation towards your martial arts goals! These sessions will encourage you to revisit the aspects of karate that you enjoy most.

strengthen your relationships

Many families take advantage of the personal atmosphere of the semi-private sessions. These sessions will help you to connect with other family members and further encorage you to reach your goals.


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