Our Karate Classes

Our classes at Vaudreuil Kanreikai Karate are designed to help students of all ages and levels learn a traditional martial art. The bilingual classes are structured to be a great individual, group, or family activity for anyone who is looking to learn karate or improve their physical abilities. Our passionate instructors are skilled in adapting their teaching to the needs of each individual student.

We offer structured classes that motivate any age or level, while still maintaining a fun and respectful environment.

  • Initiation to Karate – Kids aged 4 and 5
  • Beginner Level – 6 and 7 years old – White Belt to Blue Belt
  • Beginner Level – 8 years old and up – White Belt to Blue Belt
  • Intermediate Level – Yellow Tip to Green Tip
  • Advanced Level – Green Belt to Black Belt

We also offer private session to accommodate any schedule and help our students reach their goals!

We are proud to offer varied and motivating classes that meet the needs of our students and guide them in their journey within the Kanreikai Karate family. If you are a new student, check out our trial class options to join our Kanreikai Karate team today!


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Our Karate Classes

4-5 Years old
Initiation to karate

Possibility of Trial Classes!

Thanks to our karate classes for 4 to 5 years old, kids discover this traditional martial art through fun exercises and games adapted for their age. These classes are made to initiate our young students into karate in a safe and fun environment.

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6-7 Years old
Beginner level

Possibility of Trial Classes!

Our karate classes for kids ages 6 and 7 years old, are built to develop focus, self-control and other fundamental physical abilities. Kids learn the Karate basic techniques of our beginner level while still having fun! 

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Kids, Teens and Adults
Beginner level

Possibility of Trial Classes!

Our Beginner Level classes are aimed to White Belts and Blue Belts students aged of 8 years and older. They represent the start of a fascinating and rewarding journey that will contribute to a strong physical and mental development of every student.

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Intermediate level

Our Intermediate Level classes are designed for students ranked Yellow Tip to Orange Belt. These classes consolidate their technical knowledge and offer them new challenges. At this level, students also start learning, understanding and experiencing that hard work and perseverance is the key to success.

advanced level

Our students ranked Green Tip to Black Belt attend advanced level classes. These classes require a solid commitment and continued efforts from the students. At this level, students build their leadership skills and are starting understand the bond of spirit, mind and body in martial arts. 

Other Karate Classes

Cardio and Fighting Technique

Possibility of Trial Classes!

Our Cardio and fighting technique class is for members 13 years and older and all belt levels. This class focuses only on fighting techniques used in traditional Japanese style of Karate (Kanreikai and Kyokushin). Each class is carefully structured and monitored by the experienced instructors to ensure the training is physically challenging while still being safe.

In this karate class, students work together through pad work and sparring to learn various in depth fighting techniques and strategies. Every class includes a great fitness workout that is different every week. This class will build and improve your strength, cardio and flexibility in a team atmosphere.

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Private and Semi-Private Sessions

A tailor made class!

These sessions are for all students or members that would like to work one-on-one with an instructor outside of a group class setting. Semi-Private trainings can also be booked for a small group or families that would like to train together outside of a group setting.

The private sessions are not like our normal classes, these classes focus on your individual needs and goals. These classes will be personally adapted to your abilities, experience and level of technique knowledge. There are many training options available for private trainings from learning or improve a Kata or a technique to  developing a physical ability for your fighting. Private sessions can definitely help you learn faster and reach your personal goals.

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